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Styles: , , ,

Regular Sneakers (<$120)


Price Ranges:  $$$  ($40 – $170)


Sizes Offered: Shoes 5.5 – 12





About them: Altra started as the project of a professional runner to try to improve the typical running shoe, it became one of the top names in specialized running shoes. They have a wide selection of stylish and technically superior athletic shoes.


Products: SNEAKERS (Trail, Road, Walking, Gym & Training, Lifestyle, Outdoors/Adventure)


Shows User Reviews: Yes.


Free Shipping in the U.S.: Yes


Ships International: Yes


Featured in Magazines: Unknown


Celebrity Collections or Celebrities Wear it: Unknown


Description: Altra started as a project of a professional runner to improve running shoes, he analyzed the difference in posture of runners when they ran barefoot compared to running with typical running shoes, from that he made changes until eventually finding the perfect design to accomplish maximum performance while still feeling comfortable. His homemade project grew into one of the most prestigious running shoes names in the world.

Today Altra offers several lines of shoes, sure to fit the technical needs of different kinds of athletes and hikers. But their collections are also very stylish, style has not been sacrificed for function.




Altra’s FootShape™

Altra’s FootShape™ toe box allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe to remain in a straight position for maximum stability and power.


Fit4Her™ Technology

Altra’s Fit4Her™ technology caters to the specific form of the female foot, which has a narrower heel and midfoot, a higher instep, a longer arch and unique metatarsal spacing.


Balanced Cushioning™

Every Altra shoe is built on a Balanced Cushioning™ platform that positions the heel and forefoot an equal distance from the ground. This natural foundation aids in optimal alignment, cultivates better form, and encourages a low-impact landing.







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