FashionMall.Online does not sell products, we are affiliated to the sites we refer you to and we are paid a commission if you buy from them.

Site use terms.

By  using and/or registering to our site you agree:

  1. To use our site under the understanding that we do not sell products or services, we list products and services from other businesses and the information we show comes directly from them but it is up to you to confirm the information we provide about those businesses and their products and services is accurate before you decide to make purchases from them, we use the information they publicize as a reference but that information is not verified by us and we only do updates periodically which means the information can be outdated the day you see it.
    • Examples on how to verify the information is accurate include:
      • Making sure of what the current price of items is before purchasing
      • Making sure, if it applies, that the size will fit you (consult about sizes directly with the business you intend to purchase from)
      • Making sure they have it readily available in inventory and you will not order something they have in backorder.
      • Making sure whether the photos we use and they use to illustrate the items are  photos of the actual product you will receive or sample photos of a similar item and if so seek to clarify what exactly you would receive instead, if possible ask them for an exact picture of what you can expect to receive.
  2. To use our site under the understanding that the products and services we list come from websites and businesses we are affiliated to and we will be compensated with a commission if you buy from them.
  3. We DO NOT provide customer service for the businesses/sites we link you to. If you have an issue after you purchase something from them you have to contact THEM.   If you have a very serious issue or dispute with one of the businesses we list we would appreciate it if you notify us of your dispute so we evaluate and decide if we permanently remove them from our system. Companies that have multiple complains with our users are rapidly removed and never included in our directories again. We always screen a company’s reputation and user reviews  before we add them to our directory, but every once in a while companies that were rated highly diminish the quality of their service and have to be removed.
  4. The prices we list are not updated daily so you will need to visit the sites directly to confirm the current price. 
  5. Showing an item from a site we are affiliated to does not mean they have it available for purchase, we do not keep track of their inventories, assume what we show is for informative purposes, meaning  you can use it as a reference of what they often sell and for how much. We try to list sites and products that have multiple similar offers available, this way if we direct you to a site offering a product that is no longer available you will be able to see other similar ones they have available.
    • Some examples of this (three samples of of tens of thousands of items with similar situations):
      • We show you a picture of per say a Rolex GMT Master II pre-owned watch, we detail that one is one of several available with prices starting from $14,550 but by the time you see it and click to go to that site the item is no longer available, we will be pointing you to the section that has the list of all the GMT Master pre-owned watches, and that list at some point included the one we mentioned (although it is no longer available when you visit).
      • We show a picture and the price of an anti-aging cream in a 1 fl oz presentation but the site we link you to has changed the presentation and sizes, the logo or the sticker on the product is different and they  no longer have the 1 l oz available but they offer similar products with a different sticker and amount of contents.
      • We show you a red cocktail dress on special but they no longer have it available, we will link you to a general section where they offer similar dresses.
  6. You will make sure you know the reputation and understand the policies of the companies we link you to before you decide to do business with them. This means you will know exactly what you will be charged for the item, for shipping, the time it can take to receive the order, how their return policies work, if they have a re-stocking fee, in what condition they accept the items returned, the time it takes to process a return, the paperwork you will require to complete in that process, etc.
  7. Information we list about the companies themselves, like the date they were founded, the bio of the company itself as well as the founders,  the list of products they offer,  sizes, and any other information we provide about them was gathered based on multiple sources publicly available online, none of that information we verify in detail but we have as a general criteria to include that information a method where we create a version that is some sort of consensus of multiple versions of that information we found in multiple places.  Some of our sources include: their business website primarily, magazine and blog articles, encyclopedia type places like Wikipedia and information from industry related organizations.
  8. The sites/businesses we list are based in multiple countries. It is common for users in the USA to think most things are based in the USA or have operations in the USA, that is definitely not the case in a very large percentage of the sites we list. In the business of fashion some of the powerhouses and the most relevant names are based in Italy, France, The UK, Spain and Australia, for luxury items we list businesses in places as remote as some based in Dubai (UAE), so please do not assume because our site or the sites we link you to are in English that means they are based in the USA,  please verify where the businesses are based at and where the items will be shipped from before you make a decision to purchase from them.
  9. HAVE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT CHINESE SITES AND CHINESE BUSINESS PRACTICES BEFORE CONDUCTING BUSINESS WITH THEM. We list a significant number of Chinese websites (and we identify them as such), specifically in our budget sections. Some sites are disguised as if they are from other countries, they register the corporation in places like Cyprus or other countries that favor offshore structures but in the end the product will be Chinese and shipping from China.
    It would be impossible for us to simply eliminate Chinese sites from our lists because of the enormous difference in prices and how popular they have become, people demand we show them so we do, but doing business with Chinese businesses presents very significant challenges for customers in advanced countries. This is a relevant list of some of the challenges you need to consider if you choose to purchase items from companies based in China or owned by Chinese nationals:
    • It is very common for Chinese sites to misrepresent the pictures of the products offered, what you will get will not be exactly what you were shown in the picture prior to purchase
    • It is very common for Chinese products to not match sizes of occidental countries, some typical examples: a “Small” is extremely small for people in the USA, Canada or in European Countries and would be the equivalent of a teen or children size.
    • Some items will look very similar to brand name items typically priced far higher, in most cases the reason will be the items you purchase from Chinese sites will be of extremely low quality, some of almost disposable quality where they will barely last a few uses or washes (if that applies). In the case of fashion jewelry and accessories, the finish will last very little and it will fade or they will basically fall apart easily. It is common they have materials that have dangerous, smelly or irritant characteristics.
    • Customer service will commonly be terrible, instances where employees do not answer for days or are rude are quite common. The language will sometimes be a barrier/problem, many times you will be asked to pay a very high shipping fee to return the item, making it not worth returning, returns will take a very long time between going back to the country they came from and them processing it until finally they return your money, then it will take a long time for that money to clear back in your account.
    • Make sure you do not order items that are knock-offs or counterfeited because those can end up being confiscated by customs (we do not list those items from them but once you visit those sites you might be able to find them on your own and tempted to buy them).



Data collection terms.

We are a pay-per-performance website which means we direct traffic to partners we are affiliated with. When you click external links (sending you to other websites), the affiliate networks those sites use for tracking purposes will use cookies. We have no control over that but we will provide at the bottom of this page some links to their privacy policies.



We collect data in 3 different ways:

  1. Anonymous data required by our WordPress platform, used with the purpose of operating the internal scripts and delivering contents to your specific device.
  2. Data you provide if you subscribe to our newsletter or if you create an account to bookmark stores you like in our directory.
  3. Data you provide to us in contact forms.

How is the data we collect from you protected?

Anonymous sessions

In the case of your anonymous sessions, there is no risk to you in any way and we only use that information for the purpose of statistical analysis for our marketing strategies.

In the case of the information you provide to us when you subscribe to our newsletter (your name, e-mail address, and your IP address we match to the subscription), that information is processed through a third party that manages our e-mailing lists. We have an agreement with such companies where they clearly state they will not share your information, however, we cannot be responsible for what they do or how they operate; fortunately, that information is of minimum or no risk to you.

Data collected from newsletter subscriptions  and member subscription to our site

In the case of information, you provide when you subscribe to our site to be able to add bookmarks, that information we store in our own database so we are able to protect it. HOWEVER, since you will create a password for it, we ask you emphatically to please NOT use the same password you use for important things in your life (like your finances, your health, your legal matters, etc..), please use a different password, just in case. Our site does not provide vital services, and it is used mostly for leisure, so it makes sense if you require a password for it, it has a password that will not put you at risk elsewhere.  We do our best to keep up to date with our security settings but we live in a world where lots of ill-intentioned people want to cause harm or benefit financially in illegal ways so there is always the risk information stored in servers can be compromised.


Contact forms

If you complete a contact form we will keep a record of your information but that information will not be shared with parties that are not involved with you, us, and whatever transaction with one of our partner sites you write us about (if that is the case).



Our website platform (WordPress) requires a series of cookies to function properly. Those cookies acquire and retain data related to your device and are used to properly deliver content to it. Most of them expire when your session expires, the ones that do not expire are used to identify your machine so certain features you are using within the site can be personalized to you (for example, if you are a member of our site and are logged in, the cookie remembers who you are and helps retrieve the sites you have stored in your bookmarks within our system).


Embedded content from other websites

Articles on this site may include embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). Embedded content from other websites behaves in the exact same way as if the visitor has visited the other website.

These websites may collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your interaction with that embedded content, including tracking your interaction with the embedded content if you have an account and are logged in to that website.


How long do we retain your data?

Anonymous information we plan to retain for as long as our business operates.

Information you provide to us when you subscribe to our newsletter or become a member of our site we will keep for as long as you allow us. If you request to be removed and /or cancel your member profile we will delete your information.


What rights do you have over your data?

For anonymous sessions, we will keep all the information pertaining to it, the information you provide directly like your e-mail and name, and a password (if that is the case), that information you can ask us to remove from our servers and we will remove it on request.






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FashionMall.Online does not sell products, we are affiliated to the sites we refer you to and we are paid a commission if you buy from them.