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Be Part of Our Lists (For Stores)

If you own an online store and want to be part of our lists let us know.


Here are the requirements:


  • You need to have your own website (we do not partner with social-media-only operations, amazon stores, or similar).
  • Your business needs to be competitive and have a good standing. If you are overpriced, if your site is outdated, slow, or looks unprofessional we will not be interested.
  • You need to sell products online, with a shopping cart and a way for customers to pay and complete a transaction (we do not partner with information only or presentation only sites, we need to make money from the commissions of transactions done by the visitors we send to you, we are not interested in selling clicks).
  • You need to have an affiliate program, we operate 100% on a pay-per-performance basis (as a note: we do not partner with firms paying less than 3% in commission and for luxury items, it needs to be at least 10%).
  • Your marketing department needs to work in conjunction with us to prepare materials seasonally.
  • We need to be regularly notified of special offers you want us to promote.
  • You need to have a legal agreement with us for us to use your copyrighted materials (e.g. product pictures, logos, etc..).


Here are the details we need from you in your proposal:


  • A brief story about how your business was formed, (like where the idea came from, what was your motivation). Include the year it was founded and the geographical location.
  • Include a profile of your business (what you sell, what are your target markets, your near term, and long-term goals).
  • Let us know what distinguishes you among your peers.
  • Provide a link to your affiliate program.
  • Provide information about the contact person(s) we will deal with and their job title(s).


Please e-mail us with your details at: