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Yves Rocher

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Categories: Perfumes, Bath & Body, Hair Care, Makeup/Cosmetics, Skincare


Price Ranges:  $$$  ($2.50 – $95)


About them: Yves Rocher.






FACE CARE ( Day cream and BB cream, Makeup remover, Cleanser and Toner, Serum and Treatment, Mask and Scrub, Night care, Eye contour and Lip care, Anti-aging care, Blemish care, Face care accessories )

MAKEUP ( COMPLEXION: Foundation and BB cream, Concealer and Corrector, Powder, Blush and Highlighter, EYES: Mascara, Eye shadow, Pencil, eye liner and kohl, Makeup palette, Eyebrow, Eye makeup remover, Brush and other accessories, LIPS: Lip stick, Gloss, Lip contour, Lip Balm, NAILS: Nail polish, Base and top coat, Nail care, Manicure accessories )

HAIRCARE ( Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair mask, Specific hair care, Treatment )

FRAGRANCE ( Eau de parfum, Eau de toilette, Perfumed body and hair mist, Box set and kit, Perfumed shower gel and body lotion )

BODY & BATH ( BODY: Body lotion and body oil, Body repair care, Body scrub, Hand care, Foot and leg care, Body accessories, BATH: Shower gel and shower oil, Concentrated shower gel, Liquid hand soap and body soap, Deodorant, Men shower gel, Perfumed body and hair mist, Bath accessories, SILHOUETTE CARE:  Silhouette, Firming,  SUN CARE: Sun protection, After sun care, Self-tanning, Monoï )



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Description: Yves Rocher was founded in 1959 in La Gacilly, France by Yves Rocher. He had a passion for the world of Botanics and a local healer gave him a recipe for a cream made by hand, he sold it locally and sold locally and it became so popular he started selling it via mail order, he built a laboratory at his home and as his plant-based products became more and more popular his company grew into a multinational operation, today operating in 88 countries and having sold over 300 million products.

What sets Yves Rocher products apart from the rest is the fact that they made from plants and those plants are cultivated in environmentally friendly ways and are organic.


Their product line is enormous and their prices are very good.



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