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Timex Watches

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Categories: Watches


Price Ranges:  $$ to $$$ ($32.99 –  $249)


About them: Timex was founded in Connecticut in 1854. Timex came up with the idea of the wristwatch (at the time watches were pocket watches), they were the creators of the sports watch as well. Since, they have produced millions of affordable, reliable and classic watches sold all over the world.






Products: WATCHES 


Shows User Reviews:  Yes


Free Shipping in the U.S.:  Yes


Ships International: Yes


Featured in Magazines: Unknown


Celebrity Collections or Celebrities Wear it: Unknown


Description:   Timex has been a name associated with clocks and watches for over 150 years. Although during some periods they have struggled with competition from Japanese and Honk Kong manufacturers they always found their way to adapt and produce innovative watches that would compete and prove to be reliable and classic over time.

Their watches range from contemporary and fully features to stylish and trendy to classic timepieces.

Today, the company is part of a Dutch group that owns many other prestigious and luxury watch names.



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