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Styles: Casual Trendy, Urban, Racy, Sexy, Sporty, Elegant, Vacation-Beachy, Intimate-Sexy, Intimate-Racy

Budget Fashion (CHINA), Activewear, Underwear, Lingerie, Swimwear,  Shoes, Accessories


Price Ranges: $   ($5 – $50)


Sizes Offered: XS – 4XL, Shoes 5 – 11




About them: SHEIN has a huge selection of everything you can imagine and most things cost between $10 and $25. You can find all sorts of styles in their store.


Products: They have everything and hundreds or thousands of options of each. (Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Tee Shirts, Camis, Vests, Jackets, Leggings, Pants, Shorts, Swimwear, Beachwear, Underwear, Loungewear, Lingerie, Activewear, Shoes, handbags, Jewelry, Other Accessories)


Shows User Reviews: Yes.


Free Shipping in the U.S.: Yes on orders over $49


Ships International: Yes


Featured in Magazines: Yes


Celebrity Collections or Celebrities Wear it: Katy Perry has a selection of items she recommends there.


Description: SHEIN is a MASSIVE online store, it is based in China so we recommend you read our category notes and recommendations about buying from Chinese stores.
SHEIN has so many things to choose from that putting together a list would be endless. But the best part is their prices, everything is so inexpensive that you can actually buy 2, 3, 4 of each category because even buying so many items it would equal just buying one at a big name store. And it gets even better, you can see thousands of reviews of each item including photos of actual users wearing the items. If you like to change your style often and have a limited budget you owe it to yourself to visit SHEIN.






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