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Categories: Skin Care


Price Ranges:  $$$  ($2.99 – $165.99)


About them: OLAY, originally known as Oil of Olay, and in other countries Oil of Ulay. The firm was founded in 1952 in South Africa by a guy named Graham Gull, who used to be a chemist for Unilever. One of the most popular and well-known skincare brands all over the world







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Description: OLAY is a skincare line of products that has been on the market since 1952 but their main product had a different name on different markets. The same product was called “Oil of Olay, “Oil of Ulay”, “Oil of Olaz” and “Oil of Ulan”. Today they go by Olay, Olaz and Oil of Olaz.


The product was created by a Chemist named Graham Wulff from South Africa, he used to work for Unilever in South Africa, he partnered with a copywriter named Jack Lowe, they both believed in the product because they had seen the benefits of it on their own wives and female friends.


The product originally was sold as a pink oil-like fluid (not a cream), although it never claimed benefits for the skin they used at the beginning lots of schemes to make it sound like users were attesting to its quality and benefits, they used techniques like writing fake editorials and fake testimonials. Initially, they did not market it at retailers but they waited for word of mouth to pick up so the retailers would actually ask them for the product themselves.


The product became popular and eventually, they marketed it in all continents under several different names.


Today they are owned by Procter & Gamble and the brand Olay is regularly ranked in the top 10 skincare and cosmetic brands worldwide.



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