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Harley Davidson Footwear

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Styles: , , , ,

Mid-Price Shoes ($50-$150), Regular Sneakers (<$120)


Price Ranges:  $$$ ($41.95 – $199.99)


Sizes Offered: Shoes 5 – 11






About them: Harley Davidson is known for their motorcycles, the footwear line reflects their vibe, with sneakers, shoes, booties and boots with biker, skater and cowboy influences.


Products: SHOES (Slippers, Heeled Boots, Tall Boots, Mid-Calf Boots, Booties), SNEAKERS


Shows User Reviews: Yes.


Free Shipping in the U.S.: Yes


Ships International: Yes


Featured in Magazines: Yes


Celebrities Wear it: Yes


Description: Harley Davison is a Motorcycle company from Wisconsin, founded in 1903, they have been making apparel for the purpose of riding motorcycles since 1912, but only in recent decades it has become fashionable in Mainstreet and popular among celebrities.  Their footwear line includes skater-type sneakers, slippers, loafers, and a selection of amazing boots and booties. Very stylish, definitely worth taking a look.



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