If you own a store and want to be part of our lists let us know.


Here are the requirements:


  • You need to have an affiliate program (we operate 100% on a pay-per-performance basis).
  • Your marketing department needs to work in conjunction with us to prepare materials seasonally.
  • We need to be regularly notified of special offers you want us to promote.
  • You need to have a legal agreement with us for us to use your copyrighted materials (e.g. product pictures, logos, etc..).


Here are the details we need from you in your proposal:


A brief story about how your business was formed, (like where the idea came from, what was your motivation). Include the year it was founded and the geographical location.

Include a profile of your business (what you sell, what are your target markets, your near term and long term goals).

Let us know what distinguishes you among your peers.

Provide a link to your affiliate program.

Provide information about the contact person(s) we will deal with and their job title(s).


Please e-mail us with your details at: