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Weight Watchers (WW) - Diet plans
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About them: Diet plans, Oprah Winfrey made them famous and popular (she owns part of the company). 

Digital Starts at $3.22 /wk, Workshops + Digital Starts at $6.92/wk Personal Coaching + Digital Starts at $12.69/wk 



Type of Diet Program:  System using points and colors to determine the quality and nutritional value of foods. They sell the you food and supplements.





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 Weight Watchers products

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The WW programs

Get a customized weight-loss plan, the latest nutritional & behavioral science to help you build healthy habits for life, plus Coaching and community you can count on— anytime.


The myWW program was nearly two years in the making. It’s based on extensive research into what members want and need in order to be successful, along with insights and trends from around the globe. They then collaborated with their Global Science team to understand where those trends overlapped with science. All three plans were tried and tested with almost 20,000 members globally through interviews, concept testing, pilots, and clinical trials.


If you’re new to WW,  they will start with science and behavior-based personal assessment that asks a range of questions about your unique food preferences, activity level, lifestyle, and approach to weight loss. Based on your responses, They will match you to an eating style that fits you best—Green, Blue, or Purple.


Based on the colors they have a Points (“SmartPoints”) system to determine what you can or cannot eat.


They will set up a program for you and goals, you will be able to track your progress through their app.


Their SmartPoints system is smarter and more holistic method than simply counting calories.


The SmartPoints value is one simple number that represents the amount of calories, protein, sugar, and saturated fat in a food.


Sugar and saturated fat raise SmartPoints value. Protein lowers it.


The higher the SmartPoints, the more attention you’ll want to pay to portions. (Don’t worry, they will help you with that.)



You will have 3 ways to follow their program:


Digital (through their app): Starting at $3.22 per week


Workshops + Digital (through their app and live group sessions led by a WW coach): Starting at $6.92 per week


Personal Coaching + Digital (through their app and a dedicated one on one support WW coach): Starting at $12.69 per week


The price of the food is NOT included in the membership plans, they have a catalog of choices of food, priced per item.




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