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THRED UP (Pre-Owned Fashion)

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Categories: Pre-Owned Designer Fashion, Pre-Owned Designer Handbags, Pre-owned Shoes


Price Ranges: $ to $$$$  ($2.99 – $8,002.99)







About them: THRED UP is the largest online consignment & thrift store. They have a huge selection of clothes, shoes and accessories, ranging from common brands all the way to top designers and couture pieces.




Shows User Reviews:  No


Free Shipping in the U.S.:  No


Ships International: Yes


Description:  Thred Up is the largest consignment and thrift store online. The selection is mind-blowing, You can find everything ranging from regular clothes to premium and top designer apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories. If you do not mind buying pre-owned apparel you should definitely visit their store.



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