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noom (Weight Loss & Wellness)

noom - Weight Loss & Wellness app
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About them: noom is NOT a diet, it is an app for your smartphone or tablet and it will guide you daily with your meals and habits so you achieve a better balance that will eventually render an ideal weight for you and better health.

$25 per month (pre-paid 6 months for $150)


Type of Diet Program: App with diet advice and nutrition and weight calculator.




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noom is not a diet. It is an app for your smartphone or tablet and it will provide a way for you to track what you are eating and your weight giving you guidance to improve your diet and health.


The app will assign a goal specialist to you.


You will need to regularly log what you are eating and your weight and it will help you to improve your habits. It will count your calories and it will help you with a daily goal.


The app will send your regularly proprietary articles about food, recipes and wellness and it will interact with you daily. It will give you several tasks per day in the form of articles to read.


They divide the food we eat in 3 groups: “Green food” (low-calorie foods like vegetables, fruits, and other foods with high water content, “Red food” (nuts, cheese, and other items that contain a lot of calories small portions), and “Yellow food” (that will be the food that for the most part will be ok to eat).


People, in high percentages, appear to lose weight after using the app for a while, but it is definitely not an out of the box solution, it will require work in the part of the user.




noom offers a free trial and after the trial, it will cost $25 per month but pre-billed for 6 months ($150).


The trial period gives you limited access to the features.






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