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Discount Stripper

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Styles:  , , ,


Categories: Dancewear, Costumes & Cosplay, Dance Shoes, Fetish (Adult), Hosiery, Lingerie


Price Ranges:  $$  ($4.99 – $269.99)


Sizes Offered: S to L, Shoes 5 to 13




About them: Discount Stripper has a very explicit name but it is so much more than the name suggests. They have amazing selections of costumes, swimwear, lingerie, and shoes. If you want to spice up your life or have a sexy vacation you need to visit this site.


Products: Dance Dresses (Strip), Bodysuits, Jumpers, Sexy Costumes, Lingerie, Corsets, Hosiery,  Swimwear, Dance Shoes,  Regular Shoes, BDSM Gear, Accessories


Shows User Reviews:  Yes (but almost no reviews shown)


Free Shipping in the U.S.: Yes on orders over $39.99


Ships International: Yes


Description: Discount Stripper has a very blunt name but the truth is they are so much more than what the name suggests.  They have an amazing selection of lingerie, costumes, shoes, hosiery, and even swimwear. Plus they have interesting fetish items.  Their swimwear, if you go deep in their selection (you need to browse) has bathing suits that rival those of glitzy designers of Beverly Hills or even Italian ones and for a third of the price. This site is a must if you want to spice up your sex life or if you plan to have a hot vacation.



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